An imporant message from Jer's Vision


On behalf of Jer’s Vision we would like to extend our deepest regrets for the loss of two wonderful girls in Minnesota, Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz; and we send our most sincere condolences to their families and friends.

Once again bullying has gone too far and taken precious lives. This type of violence needs to stop. These girls were only 14 years old, far too young to go through the kind of pain they were experiencing.

This once again brings us to the messages in the It Gets Better Campaign that remind us all to hold on and find those who love and support us, because no one deserves to feel this way, and life is so precious and worth holding on to!

Please if you are experiencing this kind of bullying reach out to someone or call the Kids Help Phone: 1 800 668-6868

For more information, see here.