Allyship in Action!

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Watch Stories from Allyship in Action 2015!

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity presents Allyship in Action: Training Youth To Share Stories Across Canada. For our second forum, our goal is to bring together 75 youth from across Canada in order to engage them in the Capital with inter-sectional and activist workshops, with the end goal of fostering their  capacity to practice solidarity with diverse communities.

We understand that the word ally is not a noun but instead a verb. To ally yourself with someone is to be listening and learning how to care for and support different people. Participants will learn all about the diverse history of different kinds of Canadians and how to stand up not just for them, but with them.

There’s no better place to hold a forum like Allyship in Action! than in the nation’s capital Ottawa, Ontario at The Terry Fox Centre (1805 De Gaspé Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario). The forum will be hosted at the end of this summer from Tuesday, August 23th to Saturday, August 27th.

To apply – email our forum coordinator Cameron at or fill out the application below.

WHO: Youth from across Canada
WHERE: Ottawa, Ontario
WHEN: August 23-27, 2016
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: The application process is now closed. There is limited space left for youth from Franco-Ontario Communities, Ottawa, and Quebec. Please email Cameron to apply.

The highlights of this training include:

  • An Opportunity to learn about Canada’s rich history and diversity
  • National community building
  • Learn how to become an engaged and active citizen
  • An opportunity to learn about the indigenous peoples of Canada and pre-colonial history
  • Preparing to celebrate Canada’s 2017

Our innovative format includes:

  • Workshop series and keynotes designed to give the students resources and real-life stories on various topics focusing on becoming an ally;
  • Arts-based workshops and activities;
  • A field trip and tour of Parliament Hill and The National Gallery of Canada;
  • Training on how to organize activities on allyship to continue Allyship in Action! within your own communities.


Due to limited space at the event, we ask that participants apply to attend. Applicants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Ideal applicants will be:

  • Youth in between the ages of 15-19, with some exceptionshepcforum
  • Youth who feel that with training they can successfully carry out 3 initiatives in their communities;
  • Youth who are enthusiastic about Canadian identity and building  better communities

Applications for the 2016 event will begin March 30! Please note that we are accepting application on a rolling first-come first serve basis and there is a limited number of spaces.

Top 5 reasons why YOU should Apply:

  1. You are someone who wants to make Canada a better place.
  2. You are involved in community building and diversity initiatives10336721_1508453039420980_1707814585425612331_n
  3. You want to learn how to take what you are doing to the next level.
  4. You want to meet and share with other students who are passionate about Canada
  5. You want to learn what it means to be an ally

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cameron Aitken at or 613-400-1875.

Allyship Forum 2016




We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada for this program from its inception until present (2015 and 2016).