Ace Toronto 2017 (Un)Conference

Ace Toronto is happy to announce that we will be hosting an Ace Toronto 2017 (Un)Conference (website & facebook event).

Event: Ace Toronto 2017 (Un)Conference

Location: Ryerson Student Centre (55 Gould St., Toronto, ON)

Date/Time: Saturday, January 21, 201710am-6:30pm (check-in at 9:30am)

Post-conference open-mic & board-games social: 7-8:30pm (doors open at 6:45) also at 55 Gould St. (info here)

This event is for people who are on the ace and/or aromantic spectrums or questioning whether they might be, and for their friends, partners, and family. The goal of this conference is to create a space for more in-depth conversations among ace and/or arospec community members. (It’s not specifically a space to educate non-ace/non-arospec people about asexuality and aromanticism.) The event is pay-what-you-can, with a suggested donation of $5-$30 (no-one turned away for lack of funds).

If you are interested in attending the Ace Toronto (Un)Conference, please fill out this registration form.

Most of the conference is scheduled programming (workshops, panels, caucus disucssions, etc.), and some sessions are left open for participants to decide content the day-of. (Programming descriptions & schedule).

We are also looking for volunteers to help the conference run smoothly. (Volunteering info here.)

If you have any questions please e-mail us ( We hope to see many of you there!

Warm regards,

– Ace Toronto (Un)Conference Planning Team