A week in review (Sept 5-11, 2011)

This has been an amazing week at Jer’s Vision!

This week launched our programming back in schools, and started with the launch of the new Day of Pink website! Check it out to order Day of Pink Kits & T-Shirts! Make your orders NOW!

We started with our new ‘Diversity in the Workplace’ workshops at Glebe Collegiate School in Ottawa, speaking to 5 classes of students. Later in the week, Jeremy Dias, our founder & executive director, shared his experience in high school to the new grade 9 students at Ridgemont High School, during their welcome assembly.

The team was also honored to keynote 2 Best Buddies conferences (one in Ottawa & the other in Toronto), speaking to over 300 people about the importance of being an Ally, addessing discrimination intersectionally, and being a good friend.