A week in review (Sept 19-25, 2011)

First off, we would love to welcome our new Coop Students to our office! Amanda, Seanacee, Binky, Alisha, Charles, Rose, Brigid, & Emma started at our office on Monday the 19th of Sept, 2011 and have been working on The Day of Pink, and school anti-bullying programming.

This past week, also saw the launch of new program, the Jer’s Pink Tulip Grant, a partnership between Jer’s Vision & the Embassy of Netherlands. The Grants are Canada’s first fund for school to run diversity initiatives in their schools & communities, APPLY NOW! –deadline is Oct 18, 2011.

In terms of programing we have also been very busy. Our team presented a keynote at Encounters with Canada to over 150 students, did the welcome address to the new grade 7 & 8 students at De La Salle École, and did a presentation to the whole school at Almote Districk High school! 

Team members are also working with NDP LGBTQ Critic Randall Garrison and his new Trans rights legislation, and also supported the Liberal Women’s Caucus in their planning event.