A poem by a student in solidarity with BC's Day of Pink:

A poem by a student in solidarity with BC’s Day of Pink:

It Will Get Better


Today pink shirts are showered over every town and city

To stand up for what pain others have caused

A pain that they carry with them for the rest of their life

This injustice could have been stopped

But it wasn’t so now we wear our shirts to represent those still having this pain

To stand up against every hard feeling and wrong doing

Because everyone knows that bullying can’t just stop

It will go on for years to come but it will slowly get better

There will be less people having pain

But as I said it won’t just stop

It will never completely stop happening there will always be bullying

And brothers and sisters suffering

For this problem to get any better you need to raise awareness

Wear a pink shirt and stand up for someone else

Don’t be the bully be the saviour

The one that will help everything get better

Because it will get better.


                        ~ Cassie Doetzel