A message from a student in Calgary

On a regular basis Jer’s Vision gets emails from students about their feelings about our programming. Check out what one student said about our work this week:  

I am a Crescent Heights High school student in the city of Calgary. You came to see my class in the third period of today. I wanted to send you an email because of the way that you really opened my eyes to what is happening today. I was truthfully shocked and amazed at your story. I was surprised for the reason that I was arrogant to the amount of discrimination, sexism and homophobic people that are still around me. Before you’re arrival and story, I was under the impression that the things that happened to you was in the past and that now, we are really moving forward from it. When you told me about how the words “you suck” degrade woman, that part really hit me. I too would use those words jokingly with my friends and peers, but i never thought about what the words really meant. When you brought this up, it really made me question, have I been fueling sexism? I would like to pride myself as someone who is open to anyone regardless of who they are. Someone like you is what i would like to strive to be, to be able to inspire others and show them what the reality of our day to day lives are. I was truly respect how you managed to come from a background of negative influences from schools and to come back with a positive attitude of showing others what is wrong. In short though, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your personal story with us knowing that you could be judged by us for it. Thank you so much for your efforts and your presentation was a life lesson I won’t forget.