A message from a student at Thousand Island Secondary School

Check out this message we got from a student at Thousand Islands Secondary School in Brockville, Ontario. 


Hey Jer & Shannon,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for coming to Thousand Islands Secondary School today! Along with you being extremely outgoing, your stories touched a lot of us. It makes me realize just how awful this world can be sometimes, but you’re such strong people!

Personally, I have many homosexual friends and honestly it’s no different than having straight ones!

They’re some of the best people you could ever meet! If only the rest of the world would see things this way, then you wouldntve had to endure all that hardship from your peers and teachers. You’re amazing and I commend you for going to schools and sharing your experiences. It may just stop this from happening to another individual. So Thanks again! Keep up the amazing work!♥

-student, Thousand Island Secondary School