A letter from Kingston

Dear Jer’s Vision,

Thank you so much for your generous contributions and efforts in the “Dare to Stand Out” Conference, held on February 17, 2012 in Kingston Ontario. This widely successful event invited High School Students throughout the Kingston area to participate in one of the most engaging presentations available for the Gay-Straight Alliance and Anti-Bullying Campaigns.

            With over 75 young people from our local high schools, Jeremy Dias took the stage to share one of the most interactive presentations known in our area. Speaking with passion, you could tell from the students’ reactions that they were inspired by his words.  During the afternoon, workshops focused on Queer Activism, Islam and the West, Harm Reduction, Fitting into a New Country, and Anti-bullying. 

            The goal was to educate youth in Kingston about the impacts of discrimination in the school setting and how they could make a difference. In a matter of hours, we did just that… Students were welcomed with a traditional Aboriginal opening and spoken word poetry to set the tone for the day. Soon after, speaking from personal experience, Jeremy Dias introduced us to a world of Homophobia, Bullying, and The Accepting Schools Act, (Bill 13). Through interactive workshops and large group discussions, organized by young people, students learned first-hand how to stop racism in the school setting. Special Musical Performances included, “The Haitian Sensation” and Mauricio Garcia-Vidal.

But Our Mission Does Not Stop Here!

The on-going effort to stop bullying in schools is everyone’s responsibility! Jeremy has taught all of us that WE are the solutions to the problems and that WE can make a difference.

Thank You again to Jeremy and his wonderful team for this life changing experience, as we wish you all the best in your on-going Advocacy for LGBTQ Alliance and Anti-Bullying Campaigns!

“Your efforts are what make our world a safer and happier place.”



Jing, Mauricio, Emily, Molly, Cherry, Joseph & Bin

(Conference Youth Advisory Group)