A few words from Kingston

Last year, Jer’s Vision spoke at a number of schools in Kingston & area. This is what their school board Human Rights Education Advisor had to say about us:

Jer’s Vision is a leading-edge renaissance organization with guts & courage, compassion & empathy. All people who challenge and educate people about homophobia & transphobia in schools and community have my deepest respect. 

It is 2011, and by this time no young person should ever be in such a deep dark place of despair that he or she feels the only way to continue is to end his or her life. There is still so much work to be done.

I am so excited for Dare to Stand Out: Kingston on Feb 16!

Keep up the good work & see you soon.

-Meri Marja-terttu MacLeod, Human Rights Education Advisor
Limestone District School Board