Today is NOT #IDAHOT2016Watch what happened at #GSAForum206 (1)

“Canadians are not afraid of LGBTQ people – students and teachers at my schools are not homophobic or transphobic! Frankly, they’e just mean,” says Jillian during Sunday’s keynote at the #GSAForum2016.

“It is time we start calling homophobia, transphobia & biphobia what they are, so that we can properly address these forms of discrimination, oppression and violence. We are actually talking about heterosexism & cissexism–discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity”

In celebration of the work done by youth at the #GSAForum2016, we at the CCGSD are recognizing the International Day Against Heterosexism & Cissexism #IDAHAC.

And we will be bringing on a new National LGBTQ Youth Mentor. This new staff member will support youth in their efforts to take action in both their school and their communities. This person will also connect youth with local & regional support services.

 These youth have BIG plans!

#GSAForum2016 (9)Students from Taloyoak, Nunavut are starting the territory’s first GSA. Students in Grand Prairie, Alberta will be lobbying their regional school boards to adopt Bill 10, and students in Newfoundland & Labrador will be challenging the Ministry of Education to use technology that will allow youth to self identify with their names and pronouns that aren’t the ones on their birth certificates.

To do this we only need 111 new donors to donate $15 a month.

For only the cost of a few fancy coffees, you can help mentor young people to build initiatives in their schools and communities that have been demonstrated to save lives.

Also, be sure to follow us today on Twitter (@CCGSD_CCDGS) as we join the Minister of Justice on Parliament Hill as she re-introduces legislation to recognize trans and gender non-conforming Canadians as equals. We will also be celebrating at the national #IDAHAC Gala in Toronto!