2013 Rainbow Flag Raising Tour

Our very own Ms.Thea had the honour of touring around Ottawa on Monday, August 19th, in a dedicated, rainbow-decorated OC Transpo bus that raised the rainbow flag at various city headquarters. The rainbow bus started at the Ottawa Police Services Headquarters, which served up a delicious pancake breakfast and gave the first flag-unfurling of the day– all LIVE on CTV Morning News. Everyone then loaded into the very festive and thankfully air-conditioned bus and headed off to the OC Transpo Headquarters, the Ottawa By-Law Services Headquarters, and then to the Paramedic Services Headquarters, where they stopped for the fifth annual charity BBQ. Second last stop of the day was at the Fire Services Headquarters, where they not only had ice cream cake but gave everyone a tour of the fire hall. Last stop was City Hall for the Official Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony, with Mayor Jim Watson, MPP Yasir Naqvi, and many other government officials and city councilors. Some ceremonies were the first time ever and others had many years under their celebratory belt. Needless to say, the day was amazing– full of wonderful people, laughs, and singing. Everyone was very loud and very proud!