2 Coop Students say Goodbye

Coop students Zi-Tian & Chanel said their goodbyes today with the completion of their coop term. They will be back at Pride on Sunday and volunteering in the office next school year. Check out the notes they left behind. 


Goodbye JersVision:

My name is Zi Tian and I have had the great pleasure of working at Jer’s Vision this summer. This summer I have met some great people, learned many things and have developed skills that will benefit me throughout my life. This summer has been an amazing experience and I will definitely miss all the great people at Jer’s Vision. I am sad that my placement with Jer’s Vision  has ended but I will look forward to becoming more involved with Jer’s Vision through volunteering and the Youth Advisory Committee! 

-Zi Tian Zhang
Goodbye JersVision:

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve worked on many things here. I’ve done everything from asking politicians questions, to making buttons, to putting up posters, to even doing a few news interviews and much more. In between the phone calls and taping posters all through the Byward Market, I acquired many skills that I wouldn’t have picked up at any other job, and learned a lot.  I gained telephone skills, great customer service skills, learned how to keep up multiple spreadsheets, and other skills I probably don’t even realize I acquired.

What I’m trying to say is I loved working at Jer’s Vision. It was hard work at times, and sometimes it could be downright boring. But in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way, because at the end of the day, I was making a difference. I was raising awareness about causes that probably not a lot of people realize are widespread and ignored (bullying, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia). I’ll miss working here very much but don’t worry; I’ll be back sooner or later!